Xerox Easy Translator Service

Xerox Easy Translator Service is a comprehensive suite of cloud translation services that is ideal for mid-sized business that have the need to translate documents. Choose from an Express or a Professional translation.

Key Challenges

  • Businesses need to balance the high cost and relatively slow speed of translations across the increasingly global economy
  • The market is looking for quicker alternatives for translation that do not slow down product deliveries or service deliveries
  • Traditional translation services are labor-intensive and often do not scale or produce quick results.
  • A paper document is traditionally difficult to impossible to translate

Key Features

  • Instant machine language translations from MFP, phone or PC
  • Easily translate and localize over 44 languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese and more
  • Output available in over 20 file formats, including paper, JPG, MS Office, and PDF
  • World-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Human translation is available for the ultimate in quality and speed
Xerox Easy Translator Service
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